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Checkbook Register

Nowadays, people should need to manage their money perfectly. Therefore, they have to use the special checkbook register to help them in allocating their budget and get the clear info about the income which they get specifically. So, by the help of the special checkbook register they have the perfect money counting. Just take a

Body Fat Calculator

If someone is talking about losing his or her weight, then it supposedly means that they want to lose some fat, which they have too much in their body. Before you do your diet program plan, you have to know the percentage of body fat that you have in your body. The percentage will show

Baby Growth Chart

For new parents, there is this constant worry of their baby, does their baby grow up normally compared to other baby. It was common thing and actually as long as they keep record of their baby weight and height for each month and compare it to the available baby growth chart than they can find

Amortization Calculator

When dealing with loan amortization, mortgage and other financial term, there are some tools that can help us to make the whole calculation. One of them is amortization calculator created using Microsoft that you can download in this site. This calculator work simple enough, where it will calculate your monthly payment based on the loan

Six-Monthly Calendar

For you who need monthly calendars with 6 month layout in one page, you can download this template. This calendar will allow you to put your important dates directly inside respective month and date boxes by putting your dates and event descriptions in columns at the left side of the worksheet. Color of dates with