Six-Monthly Calendar

For you who need monthly calendars with 6 month layout in one page, you can download this template. This calendar will allow you to put your important dates directly inside respective month and date boxes by putting your dates and event descriptions in columns at the left side of the worksheet. Color of dates with filled events will turn into blue that will ease you to spot it inside the calendar.

6 Monthly Calendar Template

Before typing your dates, make sure that you have define your starting year and month. This is a calendar that should suit for you divide your year activity into 2 big parts. Schools who divide their school period into 2 semester should need this calendar. It will be easy to custom the calendars, type exams and official school holidays and then distribute it to their students. You can use it as a student as well by putting your school tasks, projects and any related school activities in this calendar before print it and stick it on your wall.

This basic calendar is only have one color as its marker color. If you are looking for other type or more complicated calendars with more features, you can visit the author site. He has plenty of excel calendar models, free and paid, that should meet your criteria.

Here are all the calendar models

Blank Six-Monthly Calendar

This calendar only has dates but already being adjusted to be printed in one page. There are blank spaces below dates where you can use to fill your own events.

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Six-Monthly Calendar with Events

This calendar will suit you who has lots of agenda and want to see them put in calendar automatically. Due to paper size limitation, also to make it look nice, the author limit the maximum number of events inside the calendar. Maximum numbers are three but you still can put more than three events inside particular event list. The formula will filter the top three of those similar event dates automatically. Furthermore, there are color marker you can specify for particular events. It will colorize events in calendar automatically.

Six-Monthly Calendar with Single Events per Date

6 Monthly Calendar Template - Single Event

This model emphasize on the dates. You will see dates with big fonts. The author use conditional formatting formula to mark particular dates with events as well as put a single event below the date. This calendar looks nice and should be useful if you don’t have much agenda and need this type of calendar inside your notebook.

Calendars above are also having three-monthly and monthly version. All six-monthly calendar above are yearly calendar. Set the year and all months and dates will be adjusted accordingly.

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