Hotel Bookkeeping

This hotel bookkeeping spreadsheet template doesn’t require its users to understand accounting. Its transaction module is similar with common sales and cash book. You don’t have to write your hotel transactions twice and follow double-entry bookkeeping method.

All financial statements will summarize all transactions automatically. They will be summarized into profit and loss or income statement, balance sheet, cash flow and equity statement. All reports will follow accounting format.

To get accounting report you need to fill data in accounting way. That’s incorrect paradigm. You will see after you are using this spreadsheet template. All financial statements have accounting format with automatic balance calculation without any needs to fill transaction with accounting method.

You need to open this template in Microsoft Excel, in Mac or Windows.

All worksheets in this template link to each other. And there is a menu, serves as table of contents, to help you move between worksheets easily. You can still use worksheet bar to go to other worksheet, though.

You can use this hotel bookkeeping template as your daily record book or as a file to put summary of your daily or weekly transactions. It has booking calendar module to manage your hotel guests.

This spreadsheet also fits landlords who manage apartments.

To start using this spreadsheet, you need to set its starting date first. You can put any dates. You can set it to follow your country’s fiscal period, for example USA fiscal period starts from 1st October.

Then, if you feel comfortable with default financial category names, you can start typing your financial transactions.

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Hotel Bookkeeping Spreadsheet Template Features

With this hotel bookkeeping spreadsheet template you can :

  1. Monitor your room inventory
  2. Monitor your minibar inventory
  3. See your booking channel performance
  4. Print invoice and cash receipt
  5. Track booking channel and guests receivable
  6. Do reservation. Reservation? Yes. It has booking calendar capability with automatic room booking calendar
  7. See and analyze monthly and one year profit and loss
  8. See and analyze your assets, through asset list and balance sheet
  9. Know your cash flow and equity
  10. And many more

In sales worksheet, there is a feature to pick guests booking data by selecting their booking ID. So, you don’t have to type similar information twice.

This spreadsheet also has multi packages/pricing feature. It will allow you to set different packages and price to similar room on similar dates. For example, package with breakfast, package for one person etc.

And, there is a Dashboard to analyze your hotel occupancy and revenue projection in chart visualization. Some important financial ratio parameters are included in the dashboard.

Try demo version below to learn more about its features. Also, you can fill booking and sales data with your own data or play around with dummy data inside.

  Hotel Business Bookkeeping - Demo Version (1.4 MiB, 1,145 hits)

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