Restaurant Bookkeeping Template

This restaurant bookkeeping template suits you who still record your business using Microsoft Excel. And, want to upgrade your spreadsheet to a more smart one to save your time on generating reports. You might do that manually, though.

This spreadsheet template will help you eliminate those manual process. Just record your restaurant or coffee shop transactions and let the Excel formulas summarize them for you. You will get inventory report that will calculate balance of your materials automatically. All you have to do just entering material usage and purchase to get your material inventory balance.

Also, those material usage will be included in cost calculation in profit and loss statement automatically.

What about sales? It will be summarized in profit and loss statement as well.

And, there is a cash book style module to input other income and expenses transaction. You won’t have any difficulties on filling this worksheet. Profit and Loss calculator will filter those transaction and present them in respective categories in income statement.

You will get balance sheet, cash flow and equity statement to complete the income statement. They are all have standard accounting format. You can print them and present them to your investor. Or, as part of your proposal to get loan from banks.

The objective of this restaurant bookkeeping spreadsheet template is to tidy up your financial records. Using Microsoft Excel, at least. You don’t have to write them in paper. Also, you don’t have to use proprietary application which need you to learn how to use the application first. By tidying up using Excel, you can focus more on your business. Also, with all generated numbers and report, you can take the right decision for your restaurant business.


How can this restaurant help you?

  • It provides transaction module similar with general restaurant transaction module.
  • You can use this spreadsheet as a main application to record your daily transaction or as summary spreadsheet
  • It provides summary of account payable and receivable to track and monitor your payable and receivable
  • You can separate sales from different stores and outlets
  • It has complete financial statements. No need to setup.
  • It has financial dashboard to visualize your financial situation

What kind of restaurant business that can use this spreadsheet?

Any restaurants. It doesn’t matter either you are managing big or small restaurant. Either only one or many restaurants. You can use it for your coffee shop as well. As long as they fall into small business restaurants. Remember, this restaurant business bookkeeping spreadsheet is giving you a solution to tidy up your business in more easy and general way.

If you are also running a hotel business, you might want to take a look at this hotel business bookkeeping spreadsheet. It has similar platform with this bookkeeping template.

Try the demo version below to know how this hotel restaurant bookkeeping works.

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