Landlords Rental Income and Expenses Tracking Spreadsheet

This Landlords rental income and expenses tracking spreadsheet should be your choice to tidy up your financial transactions record. You can fill it with your tenant as well as their rental room information. Also, you can track their dues and remind it to your tenants. Furthermore, you can see profit and loss of your rental property business.

As a landlord, you might see renting your properties are part of passive income where you don’t have to manage it as serious businesses and keep receiving monthly payment. But, when the occupancy are getting low and you don’t have any budget to renovate them or do some marketing advertisement, then you might think to know how much profit you have generated from this rental property businesses.

You might realize now that it is important to measure how much you are putting into the pot and how much you are getting in return. If the business is running at a loss, what is the point of running at all? And, what if you don’t know if you’re running at a loss?

Let’s break down how this landlords rental property spreadsheet can help you.

Spreadsheet Features

  • You can set up to 100 rooms
  • You can set up to 200 tenants
  • You will get automated due dates reminder. Once payment is made, particular tenant due dates will disappear from the list automatically
  • You will get automated tenant balance. For example, they paid for 3 months in advance, have deposits, always pay late, or not paid their rental for a couple of months, you will get and read all their data easily.
  • Automated monthly profit and loss. .
  • You will get cash flow report in calendar format.
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How easy to Use this Rental Property Income and Expenses Spreadsheet?

  • It’s simple. Set the starting date to start your bookkeeping period. Then, adjust income and expenses category.
  • Then, starting define your rooms and tenants.
  • Start recording the transactions.

That’s all. Below is the spreadsheet that you can try. Remember that not all features above are available in free version. You need to upgrade it to the Pro version to get all the features.

  Apartment Rental Bookkeeping Spreadsheet - Demo Version (604.8 KiB, 1,776 hits)

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