Employee Payroll Calculator

Calculating payroll could take a day if you do the calculation manually. Especially if you do that using Microsoft Excel without any functions to summarize and filter your employee data. This Employee Payroll Calculator is come in handy. You can use it to record and calculate up to one year. You can also use it as an hourly employee payroll calculator.

It is a simple spreadsheet, though. No complicated table. If you need a employee payroll template where you can fill it with complete individual information of your employee, then you can skip this template. It is not an employee database template.

The objective of this employee payroll calculator is to help you saving your precious working time on doing payroll calculation. Just enter employee attendance, for hourly employees, including their rates, benefits, deductions (taxes, insurance, etc) and you will get their wages in one full table ready to print in a employee pay stub template without adding more information. You can copy and paste similar data from month to month.

This spreadsheet template can accommodate up to 100 employees.

How to Use Employee Payroll Calculator

For hourly employee, you can fill their number of working hours weekly. There are 54 weekly worksheets. And there are options to pay and print pay stub of your employee weekly, biweekly or monthly.

You can also find additional columns to input any wages or title adjustment of your employees. For example, you may want to raise their hourly rates in special occasion, like holiday or weekend. In this template, you don’t have to change it manually. Just fill the updated rate in particular column and the Excel formulas will do the rest. Others are bank information, check number, pay date etc.

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There are two different models, a model for hourly employee and a model for salaried employee. Other template you might consider is a salary range spread calculator. It could help you to find the optimum salary budget to your employees.

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