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Employee Time Sheet Tracker Template for ExcelAre you looking for a tool to manage and monitor your employee’s working time? Then, this Employee Time Sheet Tracker for Excel can be your best solution. It is a tool for handling employee time sheet which involves a time length for calculating your employee’s salary. This tool is very helpful for project managers, human resources or owners of small business or any other jobs related with handling time sheet. It is a simple to use and easy to operate in which you do not need to install additional software other than Microsoft Excel.

This time sheet tracker will definitely becomes your best choice as it provides you a greater efficiency and effectiveness in term of cost and time reduction. Once you enter a new employee data, you will get an automatic update afterwards and there will be automatically added an additional worksheet for your new employee.

  • Automatic work days sump up
    Time Sheet Organizer makes it easy for you to sum up the total of working time in an accurate way from the beginning until end of working time.
  • Custom Setting for
    a. Work days
    Normal working days are from Monday to Friday, however, using this employee attendance calendar for excel makes you able to set your own work days in a week. This feature will ease you to differentiate between non working days (holidays) and working days.
    b. Attendance parameter
    You are able to choose and switch any 8 presence parameter (absence or attendance) options available for your employee
  • Summary and report
    This employee time sheet tracker for excel provides you a feature to print and review your individual employee’s working time summary and report based on your own or company preferences.
    – Report duration : You are able to set the length of the report daily, weekly, monthly
    – Start date : you are able to set and enter your start date of your report
    – Start date of report : You are able to set the start date of your report based on the beginning date (such as Monday)
  • Compatibility with other Microsoft Office software
    Since this software is a part of Microsoft office, thus it allows you to easily switch and move the data from one to another Microsoft office application. As for instance, you are able to copy you report in Microsoft excel and then you paste the data into Microsoft words or Microsoft power point for presenting your report. And you can as well use it with other operating system, such as Mac OS.
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The free version has some limitation but it will useful for managing a small number of employees. If you want to maximize its full features, you can switch to the paid version.

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