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Soccer League Creator TemplateAre you running your own soccer league (either for a real soccer match or for playstation or xbox soccer match) and looking for a simple to use tool to arrange all matches? Then, you may give a try for soccer league creator. It is an application which offers you efficiency to monitor as well as managing the matches. With this tool, you can simply assign the team, determine the cycle match (daily, weekly, 2 days in a week, 3 days in week and every two weeks), customizing the points for those who win, draw and lose.

You can also emulate your real soccer competition that already have their fixtures generated by their sport authorities. For example, you can emulate Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A etc. It required Microsoft Excel version 2007 above to make all the functions worked well.

Below are the lists of other features you can get from this soccer league creator tool.

Dashboard Function
This tool provide you with a dashboard information report that may helps you in monitoring latest matches information, monitoring the rank progress of 4 top players of the match, watching the previous and upcoming matches based on current date as well watching the home/away top winner team.

Handle up to 36 teams
This tool is able to handle up to 36 teams in paid version.

Full and Half Competition Option
There is a feature available for you to be able to choose between full and half competition to be applied to your competition.

Comprehensive Individual Team Tracker
Soccer league creator offers single page layout format where you can monitor the matches easily as well as spreading the information among the teams involved in the matches. This tool is also providing you with comprehensive information of individual team which allows you to:
a. Monitor result of all teams in a table format
b. Monitor weekly progress of standings team in a chart format
c. Put non league match in respective calendar where every team involved
d. Monitor all yearly team matches in a calendar format.

CHECK THIS TEMPLATE >  Serie A 2020/2021 Match Schedule

Flexible Calendar View
In order to help you see clearly, with this tool, you are able to see a yearly calendar view for all team competitions and you are also able to put holiday session to re-organize any competition to adjust with your spare time.

5 Flexible Competition Date Cycle
You have 5 different options to select the dates cycle of competition. You are able to determine the matches time, either daily, every two days in a week, every three days in a week, weekly, or every two weeks).

6 Customizable colors for group position
You are able to mark the qualified group team for particular tournaments or lower division relegation

Besides team names, score and dates that are used to review performance of your team, you can also get the review of previous 5 matches, current performance as well as previous meetings. In addition, you are also allowed to reschedule the competition worksheet for any rescheduled dates.

Should you interested with this tool, you can download the free version below. You can try it before decided to purchase the Pro version that will open all available functions.

  Soccer League Creator with Automatic Fixtures (1.5 MiB, 4,622 hits)

  Soccer League Creator for Existing League Emulation (1.5 MiB, 2,676 hits)

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