Looking for free and ready-to-use Microsoft Word templates? You can find those free word templates here. From simple forms until well-design calendars that are ready to be customized to meet your own business style.

Commercial Invoice

Invoice refers to a document, the commercial one, which is issued by the sellers to be sent to the buyers. Therefore, this document becomes an important in every commercial transaction…

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Certificate of Appreciation

Among the simple templates which can be downloaded through Microsoft Office Word, Certificate of Appreciation may be one of the most often accessed. This template simply looks like a paper…

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Catering Menu

Are you working on your catering or restaurant business and eager to attract more customers to try your menus? Maybe you need an interesting Catering Menu to do it. This…

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Simple Business Card

For people who have business, or working in a company, Business Card becomes one of important things to keep in hands, particularly for those who often make contacts with partners…

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Auto Repair Invoice

People make transactions, and they are filed or recorded through a piece of paper we call it invoice. Invoice can be used in service or product transaction. Auto Repair Invoice…

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