Euro 2020 Schedule and Scoresheet

Are you looking for UEFA EURO 2020 football final tournament schedule in Microsoft Excel format? Then you can download and use this spreadsheet that will show full schedule of the tournament. There are also score boxes inside  the spreadsheet where you can fill scores from match results.

Euro 2020 tournament will be held in 12 cities in 12 European countries from 12 June to 12 July 2020. Also, for the first time, VAR or Video Assistant referee system will be implemented to analyze any questionable incidents.

Euro 2020 Final Tournament Schedule and Scoresheet for Excel
Euro 2020 Final Tournament Front Menu

Tournament Participants

There are 24 countries that will participate after they qualified from their respective qualification groups. By the time this article is written, 20 teams are already qualified where their respective groups also have been drawn. There four teams are still yet to play playoff matches by that time. There are several rules applied to distribute teams in their respective groups since matches will be played in 12 European countries where hosts that advanced to the final tournament will play their matches in their homes.

Group AGroup BGroup C
Group DGroup EGroup F
Czech RepublicPolandGermany

Teams in Group A and B are already completed while team in Group C – F are still waiting playoff winners.

Tournament Format

In this new tournament format (the second format after 2016), 24 teams will be divided into 6 groups where top 2 of each groups will advance automatically plus best 4 third-placed teams ranked from all groups. With this new rule, knock out matches are becoming more unpredictable because 4 group winners will face 4 third-placed teams which could come from 3 different groups. After all group matches are completed and some qualified teams have to be decided (it is very.. very.. rare) until the end of tie-breaker rule, you can switch team order in group standing manually by typing it directly in group standing table.

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Using this Microsoft Excel spreadsheet will eliminate your confusion on this complicated tie-breaker regulation. There are built-in formulas inside this spreadsheet that will compute them automatically.

Setting Up Euro 2020 Schedule and Scoresheet


Excel Euro 2020 Schedule and Scoresheet template has a menu in front to help you see latest and next schedule quickly. Also, you can change timezone and language in this front panel. To update scores, you can click on Update Scores button to bring you to score worksheet.

Set Time Zone

Set time zone to suit your own timezone. Date and time in this spreadsheet will follow accordingly. Default is London.

Set Language

Set language to your own language. There are only 6 languages available. Use language translation tool to translate all the English words..

Euro 2020 Setup Menu
Euro 2020 Translation Worksheet

You might be aware as well that different groups are having different colors. It is used in knock out round as well. Knock out brackets will be filled with qualified teams and those teams will have respective group colors as its background. It will ease you track from which groups that the teams are qualified from.

How to Use Euro 2020 Schedule and Scoresheet

Update Scores in Group Matches

This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet has score fields to update score results. Input them into respective score fields in Group Matches and Knock Out Round worksheets.

There are formulas inside this spreadsheet that will adjust group ranks anytime you update particular scores. By the end of group matches, 16 teams will be placed in Knock Out brackets automatically where you can continue to update the scores.


Update Scores in Knock Out Rounds

Score fields are arranged in vertical. Type score in those score boxes, then, if matches are going into penalty kicks, update the scores by typing penalty scores in boxes next to regular time score fields.

Available Models

There are two spreadsheet models you can download. We also prepare other spreadsheets that should accompany you to watch this Euro 2020 final tournament. Also, there will be Google Sheets and Excel versions.

We will release all the templates after all 24 teams are revealed.

It should be fun playing prediction game with your friends and relatives. You can use the Euro 2020 Predictor Game spreadsheet for that purpose. There are plenty of options in that spreadsheet that will allow you set your preferred regulation to make the game more attractive.

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