Holiday Gift Certificates

Holiday Gift Certificate Template WordHoliday and gift, these two seems like to come along, you must prepare for both and Holiday Gift Certificate template will help you on it. What does the certificate do? When it comes to giving holiday gift to your loved ones, it is about to make it special. Here, it is not only about the gift itself or the wrap, you need to express your feeling through the giving somehow, and the gift certificate will do the work fine. Using the certificates to be attachment for your gift to express your feeling, you can even do more than that. The certificate can be the gift itself.

Taking a look at the template, there are two certificates in it, on which each has different design. The “Holiday Gift Certificate 1” gets purple background with a small picture of snowman in the left, makes it suitable for winter holiday such as Christmas. As for the “Holiday Gift Certificate 2”, it gets quite simple design with the decoration of “Happy Holidays” on the background. The second one has quite classical look, so it is more universal for any holiday occasion. Put aside the design, both certificates got the same for to fill, date, number, presented to, for, from, and amount of money you want to give in case the certificate is going to be the gift.

How to Use Holiday Gift Certificate Template:

Since the template is made to make things easier, you shouldn’t find it’s hard to use.
1.  Open the certificate and fill in the form as you need. “Date” for the date you give the gift, “Presented to” for to whom the gift is given, “For” for the reason why you give it, “From” for the giver detail, and “[Amount]” for the amount of money you want to give.
2.  The certificate can also be edited as much as you wish if you want to make some changes. So, feel free to adjust it to your needs.

CHECK THIS TEMPLATE >  Horse Bill of Sale

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