UEFA Euro 2016 Schedule and Scoresheet

Euro 2016 Schedule TemplateThis schedule and score sheet template is created for UEFA EURO 2016 football tournament that will be held in France, starting from 10 June 2016. There are 24 countries that will participate after they qualified from their respective qualification groups. You might miss Netherlands in this final tournament, but all qualified teams are very good teams where all matches are worth to watch.

In this new tournament format, those 24 teams will be divided into 6 groups where top 2 of each groups will advance automatically plus best 4 third-placed teams ranked from all groups. With this new rule, knock out matches are becoming more unpredictable because 4 group winners will face 4 third-placed teams which could come from 3 different groups. After all group matches are completed and some qualified teams have to be decided (it is very.. very.. rare) until the end of tie-breaker rule, you can switch team order in group standing manually by typing it directly in group standing table.

All those new tournament regulations have been mapped in this Euro 2016 Schedule and Score sheet where all you have to do just typing the score and let the excel formula doing the rest. There are options to select its language and timezone to match your own language and timezone. If you found most of those machine translation are incorrect, you can replace it with your own language from custom language worksheet. You can do the same with its timezone. And to ease you on tracking specific team or group matches, you can use the color marker feature on top of the schedule.

You might be aware as well that different groups are having different colors. It is used in knock out round as well. Knock out brackets will be filled with qualified teams and those teams will have respective group colors as its background. It will ease you track from which groups that the teams are qualified from.

There are several models you can download below. Schedule with automatic national flag function where respective national flags will be shown automatically next to each country names in group standings and knock out stages. This function could turn your excel to run slowly. If that’s the case, you can download the one without national flag function.

The other model is a schedule with top scorer feature. You can use it if you want to track tournament top scorer as well. It will have different layout compared with the other two, because it has to accommodate places to put goal scorer’s name. And there are option to pick players who make own goals as well. There are maximum 8 goal scorers can be inputted in each matches. Because the official squad for each teams haven’t been released yet, you need to update each country player squad when it is released.

  Euro 2016 Schedule and Scoresheet V2.06 (1.0 MiB, 19,818 hits)

  Euro 2016 Schedule and Scoresheet without National Flag V2.25 (409.2 KiB, 5,547 hits)

  Euro 2016 Schedule and Scoresheet with Top Scorer V2.25 (540.3 KiB, 7,228 hits)

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