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Savings Calculator for ExcelSavings calculator is a tool in Microsoft Excel to help you calculate the future value of your savings. It uses excel built-in financial functions. You can easily learn all formulas if you want to understand how it works.

You must be able to manage your money in good way or you will lose lots of money for nothing. How to save your money? First you must know your income. It is bad to go shopping with your cash money. You better bring small amount of money so you will only buy your need. Second, it is important to make a list of things that you want to buy. You need to have priority of what you need to buy. Third, you must have savings account. It is so important to save your money in bank because you can use your money for some purposes too. There are some banks that will be ready to serve you but you need to choose the best bank. Not all banks will give you profit. Some banks will make you lose your money. That is why you better count your savings first before you choose the best bank. It is simple for you to count your savings You just need to use this simple savings calculator and then you will know your interest from the bank.

This savings calculator template is used by people to count their interest and savings value. There are two parts of saving calculator template. The first part will be used to count the monthly saving and the second part will be used to count annual saving. You must fill your current savings, monthly saving, interest rate, period and you will be able to count your future saving value, principal, and total interest.  The result will be accurate when you fill all things accurately too.

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