In this category, you can find hundreds of useful free excel templates, like inventory, human resources, attendance, soccer, sport, finance, accounting, gantt chart, engineering templates as well as ready-to-use form templates.

CoGS Calculator

There are many things involved when you want to run a commercial business in serious method. If you run a manufacturer company, some elements will determine the earned profits. One…

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BMR Calculator

Losing the weight is a challenging journey. With the toughest path you have to get through, it is necessary for you to comprehend the essential factors that will take you…

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Stock Inventory Template

Stock inventory template for Excel is a simple inventory spreadsheet to record and track flow of goods in your warehouse. Why is it called simple? Because it just count the…

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Cash Flow Planner Spreadsheet

Cash flow planner spreadsheet is a useful excel spreadsheet to organize your personal and company income and expenses in calendar visualization. This visualization will help you to see a clear…

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Income Statement Template

Income Statement is a report to measure the company's financial performance during particular accounting period. This report reflects the company's operating activities. According to Van Horne and Wachowicz (2005: 193),…

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Balance Sheet Template

Balance sheet is one important financial for every company. It is the main report every company should provide. This balance sheet template is a simple Excel spreadsheet with formula that…

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