BMR Calculator

Losing the weight is a challenging journey. With the toughest path you have to get through, it is necessary for you to comprehend the essential factors that will take you to the finish line. One of factors you should know is the rate of basal metabolism. It is the level of metabolism performance when you

Stock Inventory Template

Stock inventory template for Excel is a simple inventory spreadsheet to record and track flow of goods in your warehouse. Why is it called simple? Because it just count the number of outgoing and incoming goods and reveal its stock balance over particular period of time. It uses simple logic where you might already implement

Inventory System for Equipment Rental Business

Inventory system for equipment rental business is a spreadsheet to organize your rental inventory. Different from managing inventory for trading business or store outlet, managing inventory for this type of business requires formulas to calculate returning equipment. And there are many rental business that might need this type of spreadsheet to manage their equipment. General