UEFA Europa League 2022/2023 Schedule

The UEFA Europa League is a football club competition for eligible European football clubs. It is the second-tier competition below the UEFA Champions League. Clubs qualify for the competition based on their performance in their national leagues and cup competitions. From the top 5 European major leagues, their position are usually starting from the 4th position.

Introduced in 1971 as the UEFA Cup, and after several changes, it is named Europa League Cup. From the 2004–05 season a group stage was added before the knockout phase. The winner of the UEFA Europa League qualifies for the UEFA Super Cup and, since the 2014–15 season, the winner will entering Champions League at the group stage.

Spanish clubs have the highest number of victories (13 wins), followed by England and Italy (9 wins). The title has been won by 29 clubs, thirteen of which have won it more than once. The most successful club in the competition is Sevilla, with six titles. Villarreal are the reigning champions, having beaten Manchester United 11–10 on penalties in the 2021 final.

Competition Format

Season 2020/2021 is the last season with 48 teams divided into 12 groups. The 12 winners and the 12 runners-up in the group stage advance to the knockout round with additional eight third-place teams from the Champions League group stage to round up into 32 teams in the first knock out rounds.

The announcement of the UEFA Europa Conference League, a tertiary competition which would serve to split off the lower-ranked teams in the Europa League to give them a greater chance to compete, included a document from UEFA listing their intentions for qualification to the Europa League from 2021 onwards.

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Season 2022/2023 will follow similar Champions League format. Similar with previous Europa League season 2021/2022. There are 32 teams in 8 groups. Winners of each groups will advance to the round of 16. Runner ups of each groups will play a Play-Off matches with The third-place teams from Champions League tournament to fight a place in round of 16.

Eintracht Frankfurt is the reigning Champion. But, they can’t defend their title since every Europa League champions will be promoted to compete in Champions League in the following season.

How to Use

Here are short instructions on how to use it.

  1. Go to Group Stages part. All matches are already set. Enter the scores in respective boxes.
  2. Go to Knock Out rounds part. Group winners and runner ups will be placed automatically in table at the right side of brackets. Complete the table by putting third-placed teams from Champions league. Then, after the drawing is completed, place teams in home column brackets. Away teams will be adjusted automatically. Just refer to the drawings at particular dates. Season 2022/2023 should follow round robin system again, except for the final match. Then, put scores in each brackets and place winning teams from previous knock out stages to respective bracket in the next rounds. Do similar steps in Quarterfinals and Semi finals. Just follow drawings result from UEFA.

Here is the Europa League 2022/2023 Schedule and Scoresheet template.

  UEFA Europa League 2022/2023 V1.78 - Free Version (697.5 KiB, 496 hits)

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