UEFA Europa Conference League 2022/2023 Schedule

UEFA Europe Conference League 2022/2023 Schedule is an Excel spreadsheet to follow schedule of the new Europe Conference League tournament. It is not just a schedule but also a scoresheet where you can type scores and track standings of each teams automatically.

The UEFA Europa Conference League is an annual football club competition for eligible European football clubs. It is a new competition. Season 2021/2022 will be the first season, won by AS Roma. It serves as the third level of the current UEFA League competition, below Europa League.

With its introduction, clubs who participated in Europa League are reduced from 48 to 32 teams in the group stage. It is a major changes in Europa League competition. But, it opens more slots for other clubs to compete in European level where there will be 32 more teams in this Europe Conference League tournament.

The winners of the competition are awarded a position in the Europa League the following season, unless they qualify for the Champions League.

Competition Format

Competition format will follow Europa League tournament format where 32 teams will be divided into 8 groups. Each group winners will advance to Round of 16, while group runner ups will play a Play-Off matches with third-place teams from Europa league for places in Round of 16.

How to Use

Similar with other Champions League and Europa League spreadsheets, all group matches are already set. All you have to do just entering the scores in respective score fields. After all group matches are completed, you can continue placing teams based on UEFA drawings. Do not forget to fill Europe League table with third-place teams who will compete in this Conference League knock out rounds. Remember to select teams in home column only. Away columns will show teams automatically. Do this until final round.

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UEFA has just finished drawing of this 2022/2023 Europa Conference League tournament to put all 32 teams into 8 groups.

Here is the schedule. Have fun guys.

  UEFA Europa Conference League 2022/2023 V1.78 - Free Version (697.6 KiB, 402 hits)

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