UEFA Euro 2020 Sweepstake

UEFA EURO 2020 Sweepstake or office pool spreadsheet is your choice of spreadsheet if you want to play prediction game with your friends and relatives.

It should be fun if you can play a prediction game with your friends, colleagues and relatives in this year Euro 2020 football final tournament. And this spreadsheet should be helpful because there are plenty of setting options available in this spreadsheet where you and your friends just predict the scores and let the spreadsheet formulas do all the calculation.

UEFA EURO 2020 Predictor Game Spreadsheet

This Euro 2020 Office Pool has additional features compared with the previous Pool spreadsheet for Euro 2016 football final tournament, or even Euro 2012, if you have ever used them previously. This new version has a capability to map knock out bracket pairing matches based on player’s prediction. And there are extra points will be awarded for group standings correct prediction.

You can start download Euro 2020 predictor game spreadsheet to play around with all features inside. There are 5 main worksheets you might use frequently during the game.

UEFA EURO 2020 Sweepstake Spreadsheet

1. Setup

Set all parameters for your game in this worksheet. There are point value fields where you can set your own points for group and knock out stages as well as points for bonuses. Here, you can choose whether your knock out teams will be paired based on your player’s predictions or based on real results.

Due to 24 participants are not yet revealed, the actual spreadsheet will be released after UEFA announcement. Also, there are more setting option and features will be added to make your game more attractive

2. Player Scoreboard

This is a worksheet where you have to type all of your prediction game’s players. Remember to differentiate player names if you have players with similar names.

CHECK THIS TEMPLATE >  Six-Monthly Calendar

3. All Players

Put all of your player’s score prediction here. You can collect your player’s scores using Euro 2020 Schedule and Scoresheet template. If you set the option to “player’s prediction”, you can type player’s score from the beginning match until final match. You won’t have difficulties on typing score in knock out stages because qualified teams will be placed automatically based their prediction. If you set the knock out stages to “actual matches”, you must wait until actual group matches are finished to see actual teams placed in correct bracket.

Do not forget to pick your team that you predict to become the Champion in this Euro 2020 Office Pool spreadsheet . It will give you extra points if you pick it correctly.

4. Tournament

Every time real match is completed, you must update the score in this worksheet. This score update will be shown in All Players worksheet automatically.

5. Player Leaderboard

You can track your player’s rank in this worksheet. It will be based on :

  1. Higher points
  2. Higher correct prediction
  3. Player’s entry order

This free version can accommodate up to 15 players. There are 100 players and Google Sheets version you can use by getting the paid version.

This spreadsheet requires a minimum Microsoft Excel 2007 for Windows and Microsoft Excel 2008 for Mac.

This spreadsheet is the 2016 version. The actual UEFA Euro 2020 Sweepstake spreadsheet is still in the making. Drop me comments if you have ideas on how your games should be played. You can refer to the spreadsheet below.

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  Euro 2016 Sweepstake Spreadsheet V2.76 (3.4 MiB, 19,464 hits)

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