Men’s Olympic Football 2016 Schedule and Scoresheet

Men's Olympic Football 2016 Schedule for ExcelFootball has become parts of Olympic Games. Different from other international tournament, only players with maximum age of 23 that can participate in this tournament plus additional three senior players. This year, Olympic Games will be held in Brazil, the country that has won World Cup and Copa America but has never won Olympic Gold Medal. By playing in their own ground, chances to win a Gold medal is widely opened. Lead by Neymar Jr, Brazil should advance to knock out rounds without problems.

24 teams including Brazil will compete in this tournament, divided into four groups. And this Men’s Olympic Football 2016 schedule and scoresheet contains schedule for all 32 matches, 24 group and 8 knock out round matches. Started from 4th of August and ended at 20th of August. You can type score results in this spreadsheet. All group standings will be adjusted and knock out round teams will be placed in respective brackets automatically.

Like other similar type of spreadsheets from its author, it is equipped with well-created group standing formulas that will arrange team’s rank automatically every time you update the score results. After all group matches are completed, top two teams from each group will be placed in quarterfinals brackets automatically. There are conditional formatting formulas that regulate group colors in knock out rounds. There are country’s flag arrangement formula that will be shown based on which countries that advance in knock out rounds. Other features that you can find in this spreadsheet are timezone and language selection features. If you can’t find your language, you can create one by typing it in Custom Language worksheet. If you can’t find your timezone, you can set it within Custom Language worksheet, too.

You can download the file below. If you are interested to learn the formula, you can read more information to have one in its author site.

  Mens Olympic Football 2016 Schedule and Scoresheet (445.2 KiB, 704 hits)

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