FIFA World Cup 2022 Sweepstake

FIFA World Cup 2022 Sweepstake is an excel template to compete with your friends on playing pool and predicting score results in this year World Cup in Qatar. It should be convenient to play prediction games with your friends or relatives while watching this tournament. Also, playing this game should reveal who is the sharp predictor among your friend neighborhood.

This template, comparing with previous World Cup prediction game editions, has evolved to a more complete prediction game that can accommodate many game setting variation. In the beginning, people uses it for score prediction only where they have to follow any matches, predict the score and track their standings. This edition will give people more choices on type of prediction game they want to manage.

They can opt to predict scores on actual matches or opt predict scores on their own matches. They can set it as one prediction game where people predicts once and see their standings after every matches. What is the meaning of predicting once? It means, people predict score for all group matches, see their own group standings, and then continue to fill the scores for their own knock out teams. Also, there are point bonuses that they can get for particular cases, like number of qualified teams, correct champion prediction etc.

You can download FIFA World Cup 2022 Sweepstake at the bottom. These are all the worksheets that you will work with.

1. Game Setup

This is where you need to set your game before entering all predictions. Important feature is you can set this spreadsheet to get scores once. It should fit people who doesn’t have much time to spare their time to organize it regularly during World Cup 2022 event.

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You can adjust points for those score prediction parts either in group stage or knock out stage. There are three level of points where you can play around with those points to simulate your level of point rewards. You can set it to have two level of points or even one level only.

There are bonus points table. You can apply this bonus points by typing your own points or ignoring it by typing zero. There are 15 bonus points criteria you can use in your office pool game. And for the highest version, there is an additional one bonus point criteria where your players can get points if they predict correctly team who scores first in each matches.

2. Participant Table

You must type your player names in this worksheet. Do not type similar names or the formulas will give you error message. You can differentiate it by adding number or typing it in different way. In this latest version, player table is separated from scoreboard table to give you more flexibility to add columns to put more information about your players. Also, you can add starting point (extra or penalty point) for each players based on your own policy.

3. Team Translation

This is a worksheet where you can translate team names. Just replace the name in Country Name table with your own translation. But, only country names that can be changed here. If you want to change titles and other terms, you can type it directly in respective table headers.

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There is a Fair Play points table you can use to put fair play points if you standings have to go through that tie breaker.

4. Best Player and Top Scorer

As part of new features, you can predict best player and top scorer and get points for correct prediction. You can write best player and top scorer after you receiving prediction from your players. This table will act as a dropdown table reference to avoid any miscalculation because incorrect player names for similar player. It should add more fun to your pool game. Since it is not just predicting scores.

5. Game Board

This is the area where you can write all of your players score prediction as well as its actual tournament result. No separate tournament worksheet as before. You can see all player match and bonus points in this worksheet. You can see qualified teams for each players as well as other parts that should give them bonus like best player and top scorer.

6. Game Scoreboard

You can track earning points for each player for all 64 matches where they are sorted by player entry order.

7. Prediction Summary Board

Now, you can have a separate player scoreboard where you can see all score predictions from all of your players. And, there is a Top 3 most scores prediction table for all 64 matches you can see on top of player scoreboard table.

8. Game Leaderboard

Use player leaderboard worksheet to track and monitor your players. You can see their progress here. They will be ranked by :

  1. Higher total points (match + bonus points)
  2. Higher number of correct predictions
  3. Higher total match points
  4. Entry order in Player Scoreboard worksheet
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There is a new feature where you can track the last 5 earning points for each players.

You can try the free World Cup 2022 Office Pool spreadsheet below that can accommodate until 10 players with limited features. All worksheets are protected. You can purchase the paid version to accommodate up until 100 players and use all available features. There are Googlesheets versions as well.

It requires a minimum Microsoft Excel 2007 for Windows and Microsoft Excel 2008 for Mac.

  World Cup 2022 Office Pool Game - Free Version (1.8 MiB, 378 hits)

Have fun playing FIFA World Cup 2022 Sweepstake game.

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