FIFA World Cup 2022 Last Man Standing Game

If you are looking for other alternative and simple game to accompany you watching FIFA World Cup tournament in Qatar in November – December 2022, you may take a look at this spreadsheet.

Like what the title said, it is the last man standing game. Create your own group and predict winning team from each rounds and see how it goes whenever actual matches within one round are completed. And the rule is simple. If their teams won, they can move to the next round. If their teams loss, they are eliminated from the game.

There are seven rounds in World Cup 2022 last man standing game. Round 1 – 3 are in group stages. Round 4 – 7 are in knock out stages. It looks easy, but it is not as easy as you thought. Each rounds in round 1 – 3 consists of 16 matches. Predict one team should be easy in this round, but, remember that you cannot pick one winning team more than once. If you predict England to win the tournament, you can pick them to win in previous rounds. Also, there are only 4 possible teams to win in the final round (3rd place and final). If you already pick those 4 teams in previous round 1 – 6, then your chances to become the last man standing will be slim, except none of other participants won the last round.

The trick is, predict from the final first. You can use the free World Cup 2022 schedule to play around with your own score prediction and see pairing bracket outcome based on your score prediction.

CHECK THIS TEMPLATE >  UEFA Europa Conference League 2022/2023 Schedule

In the latest version, the spreadsheet author separate participant table and add donation box, or you may call it entry fee, where it will be shared among the last man standing winners.

Here are a quick look on how World Cup 2022 Last Man Standing game spreadsheet works

❶ Setting Up Participants

You can fill participant table in separate worksheet. You can add more columns to the right if you want to put more information. Also, you may allow one participant to apply for multiple entries, if your regulation allowed it. But, remember that all player names must be unique.

World Cup 2022 Last Man Standing - Setup

❷ Selecting Team

Each player can select any teams. They just cannot pick similar team in different rounds.

World Cup 2022 Last Man Standing - Pick Board

❸ Filling Match Results

The organizer can update the spreadsheet by filling actual score in matches worksheets. Winning team will be shown automatically where it will be used as reference to decide fate of each participants. Either they are eliminated or advance to the next round.

World Cup 2022 Last Man Standing - Tournament Schedule

❹ Tracking Leaderboard

Leaderboard will be updated automatically. The last man standings will be placed on top.

World Cup 2022 Last Man Standing - Leaderboard

You can use the free version to accommodate up to 10 players. If you want to play with more players, you can purchase the fully editable version. You can use it for up to 100 players. Also, you can change team names to match your own language as well as putting your own logo inside the worksheet.

  World Cup 2022 Last Man Standing Game V1.98 (449.8 KiB, 1,068 hits)

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