FIFA World Cup 2018 Match Stats Tracker

World Cup 2018 Match Stats Tracker - Excel TemplateIf you are a football lover that want to track your team performance in this year world cup, you might consider this template. World Cup 2018 Match Stats Tracker is an excel template to record and track all 64 world cup matches that will be held in Russia in June. It should suit you who want to keep your favorite team stats in this tournament. There are excel functions in the background that will summarize all written stats into summary tables. All you have to do just typing stats in each matches and select particular stats parameter that you want to see. It should be useful if you want to analyze your team before competing with other team in knock out rounds.

There is a separate player database that you must fill correctly since they will be used as dropdown list reference. Official player names will be released by respective countries by the end of this month.

To use this excel template, you need to go to respective matches and type the stats below its match rows. You can start by distributing players to line up and reserve tables. Then, you can go to minute column to start typing minute where particular events take place. You can select G for goal, FG for goal from freekick, PG for goal from penalty spot, YC for first yellow card and so on. There are tables with each description that you can read at the left side in Match Tracker worksheet. Select respective player names for those events. There are samples inside the spreadsheet that you can see to ease you understanding it.

After matches are completed, you can continue to fill stats summary at the bottom of each match stats table. There are plenty of soccer sites that provide that summary directly, like, where you can copy stats information from their site.

In summary worksheet, you can select team that you want to see their stats. They are separated into 3 different worksheets, full team stats, match team stats and player stats summary. Full team stats has similar layout with match stats tracker worksheet except it is filtered for particular team. Match team stats has a table with opponents are aligned horizontally with match stats summary filled. Player stats summary is a worksheet with specific stats that can be selected from stats dropdown list.

This spreadsheet is not free but you can try the demo version to test its features.

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