FIFA World Cup 2014 Schedule and Scoresheet

FIFA World Cup 2014 Schedule/Fixtures ExcelThis is an excel schedule for FIFA World Cup 2014 tournament, where the tournament will take place in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July 2014. It is not just a schedule, but also a smart scoresheet where you can simulate the results World Cup matches based on your own score prediction. With all knock out matches already set by FIFA, it will be easier for you to simulate which team that will face your favorite team in knock out stages. Say, you predict Brazil will win Group A and Netherlands is set as a runner up in Group B, then, the first round of 16 match will be Brazil vs Netherlands. If Brazil won, they could face Italy in quarter final. But, the outcome could be different. And that’s the thing that has made this tournament is worth to wait. There is always surprising results that should turn people prediction around.

This scoresheet will help you see your favorite team opponents everytime related matches are finished. With 44 languages and 139 cities, you can personalize it before you use it frequently.  There are excel formulas that will calculate all team rank in group standings based on FIFA regulation. Just type the scores and let those formulas do the rest.

There are several models available, those are :

  • With National Flag : There are national flags at the left/right side of every country that participate in this tournament. With smart excel formula, the national flag will also appear next to countries that advance in knock out stages. If you are using old laptop/computer, the score updating process will be slower compared with the Without National Flag version.
  • Without National Flag : This is a plain schedule which can be processed faster and can be converted into file with older version of Microsoft Excel (Excel 2003 and below) without any problem.
  • With Top Scorer Tracker : It is a new feature added into original schedule which will give you opportunity to record and track all goal scorers in this tournament. With excel ranking formula, all goal scorers will be ranked to form a top scorer list.

Start to download and try all spreadsheets before you decide which one that you will use during the tournament.

  World Cup 2014 Schedule and Scoresheet V1.56 (1.0 MiB, 8,798 hits)

  World Cup 2014 Schedule and Scoresheet - Without National Flag V1.49 (190.7 KiB, 3,009 hits)

  World Cup 2014 Schedule and Scoresheet - With Top Scorer V1.56 (490.2 KiB, 4,471 hits)

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