Euro 2020/2021 Last Man Standing Game

This is another game spreadsheet to accompany you on watching Euro 2020/2021 tournament in June 2021. As you see in its title, the last man standing means the last player who stay alive in this game. Every players pick team that they predict will win in each rounds. If their teams won, they can move to the next round. If their teams loss, they are eliminated from the game.

There are seven rounds in Euro 2020/2021 last man standing game. Round 1 – 3 are in group stages. Round 4 – 7 are in knock out stages.

This game is more simple than Euro 2020/2021 predictor game. So, if you are looking for alternative for a more simple game, you can use this one.

Euro 2020/2021 Last Man Standing Guide

Here are short instruction on how to use this spreadsheet :

  1. Go to Pick Board worksheet and set player name
  2. Still in Pick Board worksheet, pick team based on player selection. Pick wisely since each player cannot pick similar team. The last team you pick must be the winner of Euro 2020 tournament. You may see that chosen team will be removed from particular player dropdown list. You may ask players to pick for group stages and continue to pick teams after knock out teams are revealed. Or, you can ask them to pick until final match.
  3. Fill the scores in Matches worksheet. You may see winner team column at the right will reveal winner of each matches, from group stages until final match. In knock out rounds, do not forget to type penalty scores in PSO (penalty shoot out) box. You can see matches in each game round to help your players on selecting the right team.
  4. Track your player’s progress. There are Race Board and Leader Board worksheet. Race Board is based on player entry order while Leader Board is based on The Last Man Standing order.
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You can use the free version to accommodate up to 10 players. If you want to play with more players, you can purchase the fully editable version. You can use it for up to 100 players. Also, you can change team names to match your own language as well as putting your own logo inside the worksheet.

  Euro 2020/2021 Last Man Standing Game - Free Version (343.6 KiB, 1,291 hits)

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