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Copa America 2016 Office Pool for ExcelIt should be fun to play a prediction game among your friends while watching 2016 Copa America soccer tournament that will be held in USA in June. And by using this Copa America Centenario Sweepstake spreadsheet, you don’t have to define rules nor create your own spreadsheet. It is equipped with features and formulas that will help you managing your pool with ease. All you have to do just set the spreadsheet in the beginning, start predicting and collecting score predictions, and let the embedded excel formulas do the rest.

You can download the spreadsheet before reading this instruction below. It is easy to use and it is compatible with Excel 2007 and above version either in Windows or Mac environment.

Setup the Game
This prediction game is divided into 2 parts. Group stages and Knock Out stages. You can set regular points with different values for these 2 stages. There are 3 criteria to earn points, those are :
– Predict win/draw/lose results as well as its scores correctly
– Predict win/draw/lose results correctly, scores are incorrect, but score differences are the same
– Predict win/draw/lose results correctly, but scores and score differences are incorrect

You can set those 3 criteria to have different values or you can apply one criteria only by zeroing other 2s, or you can apply one point value for any correct match results regardless of its scores.

Besides regular points, you can set bonus points for conditions as follows:
o Group Winner and Runner Up correct prediction
o Group Winner correct prediction only
o Group Runner Up correct prediction only
o Qualified 2 teams (swapped group position)
o Qualified 1 team only (incorrect group position)
o Team Pick Winner (you can choose 2 teams that you predict will win their knock out rounds and face each other in the final)

Set your knock out stages game type. There are 2 options you can choose,

1. Real Matches teams
If you select this option, teams in knock out rounds in each player’s tables will be the same with teams that qualified in this tournament. This game type is suitable for you who manage a small group of players where they like to predict the game match-by-match. And it will give each players new opportunities to earn points and win the game eventhough they don’t perform well in group stages.

2. Player Prediction Matches teams
This option will pair teams in knock out bracket based on teams that are predicted will be qualified by each players. The advantage of this type is each players can predict all 32 matches at once, while the disadvantage is they shall lose opportunities to earn more points in knock out rounds if their teams are not the same with real ones. But, there are team picks options that should help them bail their selection out. They can pick 2 teams that should win in knock out rounds regardless of the opponents they meet.

It is up to you to decide this game setup. If you don’t want to apply this bonus points, you can set those values to zero.

Type Player Names
Type your player names in Player Scoreboard worksheet. Remember to differentiate similar player names to prevent any errors in player ranking calculation.

Type Player Prediction Scores.
Type respective player prediction scores in All Players worksheet. You can start with Player 1 table. Remember that this Pool only compares Full time score only. It is possible to have a draw result in Knock Out stages, where the matches have to be decided with penalty kick. Correct penalty kick prediction won’t be take into account. But it is needed to be filled to decide team that will advance to the next round.

Update Tournament Matches Results
Update tournament matches results by typing real score results in respective score boxes in the leftmost table in All Players worksheet. Points for each player will be shown automatically after you filled them.

Track Player Standing
You can track your player standing after every matches in Player Leaderboard worksheet.

This free version can accommodate maximum 15 players only. You can upgrade it to 100 players by purchasing the paid version that you can accessed in About worksheet or from the author site.

  Copa America 2016 Prediction Game - 15 Players (1.0 MiB, 970 hits)

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