Copa America 2016 Schedule and Scoresheet

Copa America 2016 Schedule and ScoresheetCopa America Centenario is a soccer tournament that will be held in USA on 3th – 28th June 2016. It is held to commemorate 100-year anniversary of Copa America tournament. There are 16 teams from American continent that participate in this tournament. They will be divided into 4 groups where 2 highest ranks in each groups will advance to Quarterfinals.

Those 16 teams are divided into the following groups :
Group A : Colombia, Costa Rica, Paraguay, USA
Group B : Brazil, Ecuador, Haiti, Peru
Group C : Jamaica, Mexico, Uruguay, Venezuela
Group D : Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Panama

Chile is the champion of the last tournament. Because this year tournament is held to commemorate 100-year anniversary, and it is held one year after the last tournament, Chile will still Copa America representative to participate in 2017 FIFA Confederation Cup. And this year tournament is coincidentally held within the same period as Euro 2016 tournament. Soccer best players are now preparing themselves to give their best to their countries while soccer fans around the world will get attractive mini World Cup in respective America and Europe continent.

This Copa America 2016 Schedule and Scoresheet is a schedule written in Microsoft Excel to ease you monitoring the tournament. It is equipped with automatic group standing formula that will adjust team rankings in respective groups after every matches is completed. It is not automatic though. You still need to put the scores manually in respective score boxes. Before starting typing the scores, you can set the spreadsheet to show your own language and timezone. If you can’t find yours in its dropdown list, you can customize it by yourself by using custom language and timezone worksheet. Just in case group standings have to be decided by drawing lots, you can rerank team position manually by typing it in group standing table.

After all group matches are finished, you can continue typing the scores in knock out brackets. Penalty kick score boxes will be shown at the right side of full time boxes automatically if particular match has to go into penalty shoot out to decide the winner. It has dynamic color formula which will show group colors in each team boxes. And there are automatic flag formula arrangement as well where it will show you respective country’s flags. And before typing real results, you can try putting your own score predictions just to test how accurate your predictions are.

You can download the file below.

  Copa America 2016 Schedule and Scoresheet (360.5 KiB, 1,111 hits)

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