2018 FIFA World Cup Team Head-to-Head Records and Stats

World Cup 2018 Team Stats - ExcelIf you are looking 2018 World Cup Head-to-Head Records and Stats in Microsoft Excel, you can use this specific template. It is not free but it is worth it. It could inform you stats of each 2018 World Cup participants during their campaigns in all World Cups. Also, you can observe their head-to-head against their group or knock out opponents. There are World Cup facts that you might get updated on important facts that have happened throughout World Cup events.

There are 5 main worksheets in this spreadsheet.

1. Team Stats

Select your team to see their match statistics for past World Cups and other competitive tournaments. Those stats are :

  • Appearances and results summary from past World Cups
  • Match score results and their progress in the past 5 World Cups against opponents from different continents. This part should be important one since you can see pattern and records of your teams against countries from all continents. They will have continents color markers to ease you identify your team opponents.
  • Last 6 world cup matches records
  • Last 10 all tournament matches records. Mostly are from World Cup qualifications around the world. But, it is a collection of competitive matches from UEFA Euro Cups, Copa Americas, African Nations Cups etc.
  • Summary of head-to-head records against any countries, grouped by continents, in all world cups, last 5 world cups and other tournaments since 2006
  • Summary of head-to-head records against another participants in World Cup 2018. You can easily see a brief summary on team head-to-head records against group opponents in this table as well as other participants if the team advance to the knock out rounds.
  • Goals distribution summary. You can see goal distribution during team full time matches (90 + 30 minutes) in the past world cups.
  • Common scores summary. What is the most common score results for particular team? 0 – 0 ? 1 – 0 ? You can get the answers in this part
  • Current squad (needs update due to each countries haven’t released their official squad)

All countries will get particular background colors that represent their continents. It should help you to observe particular team records when they meet countries from particular continents.

2. Team Head-to-Head Records

In this worksheet, you need to select opponent to see their head-to-head records in World Cup.

3. World Cup Tournament Facts

It is a big table with important information from all World cups.

4. Last 5 World Cup Matches Summary

If you want to see and evaluate the last 5 of World Cup tournaments, you can go to this worksheet. It consists match result tables from those five. They are arranged in vertical view to ease you comparing match stats from match to match and from group rounds to knock out rounds. There are group standings table as well.

5. 2018 World Cup Scoresheet

You can put score results from this World Cup matches and see it shown in team stats and head-to-head stats directly. It could help you analyze your team and compare with their achievement in previous world cups. Also, you can predict how they will perform in knock out rounds based on group match results.

6. Team Squad

You can update current team squad in this worksheet.

This spreadsheet is not free, but there is a demo version you can try below.

  World Cup 2018 Team Stats and Records (1.3 MiB, 769 hits)

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