2017 Year and Monthly Calendar

2017 year and monthly calendar templates are calendars that are specifically designed with particular formulas in Microsoft Excel. Those particular formulas will give you plenty of abilities to plan your agenda in year 2017 easily. It means, you just have to think about dates that you plan to do something or go somewhere and let created excel formulas map those dates into the calendar automatically. Then, you can print and bring it with you.

There are two types of calendar templates you can use, year and monthly calendar types. The first type is a one page calendar with all months and events are arranged within one letter/A4 paper size, while the latter will map each month in separate worksheets. To have all 12 months printed, you must print it sheet by sheet.

2017 Year Calendar Template

There are several models in this type of calendars. But, the way to use it is the same. You just have to put your dates in respective event tables and see them mapped in respective dates with particular colors inside calendar area.

Calendar Models with Separate Single and Consecutive Event Periods

2017 Year Calendar Template for Excel

This model require you to type single-date event and multi-date event in separate tables. It is suitable for you who have events that are related with each other. You have three color options for single-date events and three color options for multi-date events. All six colors are not the same.

  2017 Year Calendar with Separate Single and Multi-Date Events (1,009.3 KiB, 702 hits)

Calendar Models with Combine Single and Consecutive Event Periods

2017 Year Calendar Template with Single Event Table for Excel

This model is suitable for you who organize events where some of those are related and need to have similar markers on those dates, either in single or multi dates. Also, it is suitable for you who want to see both events in sequential within the same table instead of having them separated due to their date category. In real world, if you organize a music tour, you might want to have similar markers for particular bands to ease you identify them. Or, if you are responsible for arranging school agenda for one year, you might need it arranged in sequential order.

  2017 Year Calendar with Combine Single and Multi-Date Events (1,007.1 KiB, 657 hits)

2017 Monthly Calendar Template

2017 Monthly Calendar Template for Excel

This model has similar concept with year calendar version. Instead of just having color markers, you will have your events being shown in respective date boxes. Its boxes can show a maximum four events. And there is no consecutive date feature if you have multi-date events to be shown inside the calendar. To show this multi-event, you need to write all dates within those period inside the table.

  2017 Monthly Calendar (746.5 KiB, 700 hits)

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