2016 Excel Calendars

2016 Excel Calendar TemplatesThese 2016 excel calendars allow people who are severe in maintaining schedules and appointments to conveniently organize their appointments and important events. Businesspersons, consultants, event organizers, and other people who regard time as their most important asset will keep a calendar not only as a reference telling them about time, but also as a tool to organize their schedules, appointments and events. This is why their calendar is mostly full of ink marks, pinned memos, sticky notes, and other types of reminder. Many of them, however, are neat and don’t want to see dirt on their calendar. They may use a diary instead of a calendar to keep their reminders. Those who hate to leaf through their diary, however, can use a yearly calendar that shows all months as well as all necessary marks on one page.

A yearly calendar can be purchased. Sometimes it is available as a blank calendar with only months, dates and days with no holiday marks showing on it and sometimes it is available as a generic calendar with all marks printed on it. For people who frequently use the calendar to keep reminders, the blank calendar with automatic date marker is obviously the more preferable option. The question is, “is there any good calendar to be downloaded and use it?”. Yes, they are. These 2016 Excel Calendars should fit your needs. It is equipped with formulas that will automate date marking process. All you have to do just type your dates and let the excel formulas do the rest. And it comes with variety of models where at least one should meet your requirement.

By using this calendar template, creating an event calendar is easy and can be done in no time. There are several features offered by this template.
1. Easy editing and modification using Microsoft Excel.
Any computers, laptops and smart devices that are equipped with Microsoft Excel programs (Apple Macintosh or Windows), which usually are must-have programs, can be use to use this template. It needs only basic knowledge of Excel.
2. Free and quick download
These templates are free. Payment or even sign-up is not necessary for downloading it. Thanks to its small size, it can be downloaded in no time even if the internet connection used to download it is sluggish. If you need further customization, you can purchase the whole calendar packs by paying USD 5 only.
3. Easy printing and marking
The template uses letter-size page layout (portrait and landscape). Even the most primitive printer can be used to print it. All necessary marks can be put on the template either before or after printing it.

2016 Excel Calendar Models

2016 Calendar with Months only in Portrait and Horizontal Orientation

You must type your important dates in separate worksheets. Those dates will be marked with the same colors as the table where you type the dates.

  2016 Calendar Portrait - V2.2.xlsx (92.0 KiB, 1,027 hits)

  2016 Calendar Landscape - V2.2.xlsx (91.9 KiB, 1,128 hits)

2016 Calendar with Months and Notes in the Same Page.

You must type date number in notes table next to the target month.

  2016 Calendar With Notes - Month Ordered Vertical - V2.2.xlsx (84.6 KiB, 953 hits)

  2016 Calendar With Notes - Month Ordered Horizontal - V2.2.xlsx (84.7 KiB, 967 hits)

2016 Calendar with Months in Horizontal Alignment

If you prefer to have months aligned in horizontal direction instead of tabular model, you can download and use this one. It is commonly knows as linear calendar. It has also automatic marker function as above calendars.

  2016 Calendar Linear V1.0.xlsx (76.1 KiB, 1,031 hits)

2016 Calendar with Months and Event Information in 12 Separate Pages

These 2016 Calendars will allow you to write your events and see those event descriptions shown in date boxes instead of just see the marker. You can see until maximum 6 events plus one holiday/reminder information in one date box.

  2016 Monthly Calendar - Model 1 V1.6.xlsx (299.7 KiB, 960 hits)

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