2016/2017 School Calendars

2016/2017 School CalendarsMost of schools around the world are starting their school terms from July, August or September. As students, you might receive your academic calendar for your school reference at the first day of your school. It contains information about your school activities within one year period. You might see your exams dates, holidays, official events etc.

If you are teachers who usually manage these school agendas manually, you might think to manage it in a more effective way where you don’t have to spend many hours retyping and recoloring your school calendar.

This 2016/2017 school calendar template below could help you ease your management tasks. It is a Microsoft Excel template with additional color marker functions that will help you map your agendas quickly. There are several models available to be download, and here are some of them.

After downloading the template, you can start customizing the calendar. You must set the starting month in the beginning. There are three options, July, August and September. Then, you can set whether your full school term is twelve or thirteen months. Then, you can finish it by setting Sunday or Monday as your starting day of the week.

Personalizing agendas is as easy as just typing the dates and put color codes for those dates. You can order those dates in chronological order. And you can type single dates for events that specified as one day events, and start/end dates for events that take times more than one day. The excel formula will process the dates in the first column of date column as single date if you don’t type the end date at the second column automatically. Some models require you to type month names and year while others require you to type dates in respective month tables. Dates in calendar will be colorized automatically based on your filled dates.

2016/2017 School Calendar Template with months arranged in 4 rows x 3 columns table ( and school agendas table is placed at the right side. This one accommodates 12 months period only

  School Calendar Model 1 (473.9 KiB, 562 hits)

2016/2017 School Calendar Template with months arranged in horizontal position and school agendas table is placed at the bottom of the calendars and grouped by months

  School Calendar Model 2 (462.8 KiB, 544 hits)

2016/2017 School Calendar Template with months arranged in 7 rows x 2 columns table with school agendas tables are placed next to them

  School Calendar Model 3 (493.1 KiB, 580 hits)

All of school calendar templates are filled with dummy dates and description as references to you fill needed information correctly. You can visit the author site to download more models and get more information about these templates.

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