2015 Rugby World Cup Fixtures and Scoresheet

2015 Rugby World Cup Fixtures Excel TemplateIf you are looking an excel fixtures and scoresheet for 2015 Rugby World Cup tournament, you can download and use this one. It is created specifically for this tournament where there are excel formulas are built to make country’s rank adjusted automatically in their respective groups and to place them in correct knock out brackets based on their final group standings, based on score and tries you put in respective boxes.

The tournament will begin on 18th September 2015 and finished by 31st October 2015. England will act as a host of this tournament. There are 20 countries that participate in 2015 Rugby World Cup and they will be divided into 4 groups of 5 countries. Each countries in each group will play a single round robin match and the top two of each groups will advance to the knock out round.

Based on its tournament match regulation, the following number of points will be awarded to each team based on following match condition :
> Win – 4 points
> Draw – 2 points
> Loss – 0 points
> 4 or more tries – 1 point
> Loss by 7 points or less – 1 point

A country with highest point will become a group winner while the second highest point will be put in second place. If two or more countries are having similar points, they will be ranked based on tournament tie-breaker regulation as follows :

1. Country with higher head to head match points (two team), or have best overall points (three teams and more) will be ranked higher

If regulation number one is still generating the same rank, they will be ranked again based on all their group matches statistic as follows :
2. Better Points difference (Points Scored For (PF) – Points Scored Against (PA))
3. Better Tries difference (Tries Scored For (TF) and Tries Scored Against (TA))
4. Better Points Scored For (PF)
5. Better Tries Scored For (TF)

If after regulation number 5 the tie still unresolved, those countries will be ranked based on Official World Rugby World Rankings on October 12, 2015

Then top two teams will be placed in brackets with following arrangement :
Quarterfinal 1 – Winner group B v Runner up group A
Quarterfinal 2 – Winner group C v Runner up group D
Quarterfinal 3 – Winner group D v Runner up group C
Quarterfinal 4 – Winner group A v Runner up group B

And below are match arrangement after quarterfinals
Semifinal 1 – Winner QF1 v Winner QF2
Semifinal 2 – Winner QF3 v Winner QF4
Final – Winner Semifinal 1 vs Winner Semifinal 2
3rd Place – Loser Semifinal 1 vs Loser Semifinal 2

How to Use this 2015 RWC spreadsheet :

Group Stages
– Type score results in Score boxes
– Type tries results in Tries boxes
As explained, group standings will be adjusted automatically based on tournament regulation above.

Knock Out Stages
Type full time score results in score boxes at the right side of country name boxes. Extra boxes will be shown if there is no winner after full time match is ended. Type the final score here because there is no extra boxes. Each winner will advance to next round.

There are two models you can download. Model with country’s flag formula and without country’s flag formula. If your computer is running slow when processing the spreadsheet with flag formula, you should use the without one. All spreadsheets require a minimum Excel 2007 for Windows.

There is an unlocked version if you want to modify or to use it to promote your own business. You can visit its original website to get more information.

  Rugby World Cup 2015 Schedule and Scoresheet V1.85 (323.4 KiB, 1,289 hits)

  Rugby World Cup 2015 Schedule and Scoresheet V1.85 - no Flag Formulas (151.1 KiB, 927 hits)

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