2013 Custom Calendar

2013 Excel Custom CalendarThe 2012 is about to end. Have you thought about the resolution that must be achieved in 2013? Well, if you already have one, then you might need to create a specific plan for the next year. But before you create the plan, it is important to get a 2013 Calendar so that you can design a plan with ease. Most of you would try to grab a new 2013 calendar from a bookstore, or search for either excel or word templates for 2013 calendar through the internet world. Start making your plan for year 2013 is better than remember it in your mind, because if you are getting older, your memory will become decrease and the chance of forgetting important dates are higher. It will also happen if you are too busy with your jobs and you don’t have something that could remind you on your special dates.

Below, you can download 2013 calendar in excel format. In excel format, you can specify your dates by typing your important dates next to each 2013 months and see the markers shown in calendar automatically. You can have different colors based on your events or holiday category (you have to type the code on the right side of your date description). With this type of calendar, you can easily find your important dates and read what events or holidays on those dates. It is a one page calendar, so you can print and stick it on your room wall or stick in on your refrigerator easily to prevent any important date misses.


  2013 Excel Calendar Portrait Horizontal With Notes (28.5 KiB, 1,287 hits)

  2013 Excel Calendar Portrait Vertical With Notes (28.4 KiB, 1,125 hits)

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