Balance Sheet Template

Balance Sheet Template for ExcelBalance sheet is one important financial for every company. Accounting people creates this report at the end of accounting period. They create this report together with other important financial reports, income statement, equity report and cash flow statement.

Balance sheet will present all the assets as well as the liabilities owned by the company. This information should represent the health status of particular company. The assets of a company presented in the balance sheet consist of current assets, fixed assets and other assets while the source of a company’s liabilities can come from capital and debts. Capital is basically a loan from the owner while the debt is basically a loan from other than the owner such as debt derived from Banks, creditors and other financial institutions. By comparing particular part of assets and liabilities, people can see how wealth the company is.

Balance sheets are organized to provide information about a company’s wealth and resources to those who need the information. The balance sheet is prepared after the profit and loss statement and changes in capital are prepared, so the balance sheet ranks third in the preparation of the financial statements while the fourth order is the preparation of the cash flow statement. It is prepared after profit and loss statement and equity report because values in both statements will be used in balance sheet reports. Microsoft Excel is a tool that is commonly used to create such reports. This balance sheet statement template should help you creating your company’s report. It consists several worksheets. If you already have your own balance sheet report created in Microsoft Excel or other forms, you can try to move particular information to this template.

This template is part of double-entry book keeping spreadsheet where you don’t have to wait until income and equity statement are created to get balance sheet report. Values in balance sheet report will automatically pulled and calculated based on filled accounting journals.

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