Income Statement Template for ExcelIncome Statement is a report to measure the company’s financial performance during particular accounting period. This report reflects the company’s operating activities. According to Van Horne and Wachowicz (2005: 193), the income statement is a summary of the company’s revenues and expenses over a certain period, concluded by net profit or loss for that period.

The income statement primarily presents company’s performance information. It is required to assess potential changes in its economic resources in the future. It is useful to predict the company’s capacity to generate cash or profit from existing resources. In addition, this report is useful to measure the effectiveness of companies in utilizing additional resources.

Income statement usually consists of:

  • income
  • cost of sales
  • expenses
  • tax/other income

Those items are calculated to yield gross and net profit/loss that will describe how profitable their businesses is.

Depends on company’s type of business, some accounting experts suggest that the company should presents the details of expenses in the income statement or in the notes to the financial statements using classifications based on the nature or function of the burden within the enterprise. [click to continue…]

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Balance Sheet Template for ExcelBalance sheet is one important financial for every company. Accounting people creates this report at the end of accounting period. They create this report together with other important financial reports, income statement, equity report and cash flow statement.

Balance sheet will present all the assets as well as the liabilities owned by the company. This information should represent the health status of particular company. The assets of a company presented in the balance sheet consist of current assets, fixed assets and other assets while the source of a company’s liabilities can come from capital and debts. Capital is basically a loan from the owner while the debt is basically a loan from other than the owner such as debt derived from Banks, creditors and other financial institutions. By comparing particular part of assets and liabilities, people can see how wealth the company is.

Balance sheets are organized to provide information about a company’s wealth and resources to those who need the information. The balance sheet is prepared after the profit and loss statement and changes in capital are prepared, so the balance sheet ranks third in the preparation of the financial statements while the fourth order is the preparation of the cash flow statement. It is prepared after profit and loss statement and equity report because values in both statements will be used in balance sheet reports. Microsoft Excel is a tool that is commonly used to create such reports. This balance sheet statement template should help you creating your company’s report. It consists several worksheets. If you already have your own balance sheet report created in Microsoft Excel or other forms, you can try to move particular information to this template. [click to continue…]

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Petty Cash Template

Petty Cash is a small amount of money reserved by a company for the payment of small expenses. Petty Cash is used for urgent/unexpected expenditures. However, the amount of expenditures that can be paid using Petty Cash is limited to each bookkeeping period. In a way, Petty Cash is an unexpected financing. General expenses that […]

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Savings Calculator

Savings calculator is a tool in Microsoft Excel to help you calculate the future value of your savings. It uses excel built-in financial functions. You can easily learn all formulas if you want to understand how it works. You must be able to manage your money in good way or you will lose lots of […]

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Kids Menu

Whether you are a restaurant owner or manager; or even you are housewives who look after your kids; a Kids Menu is an interesting trivial thing to make. For restaurants or catering business, the function of having this menu is clearly seen: to educate the customers about what they are providing as well as promotion […]

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Issue Log

A form of issues documentation which is put in a table continuously can be called an Issue Log. The function of this template then stays the same as other record templates as the purpose of its making is simply to trace and keep the detailed information about each issue. Issue Log can be used as […]

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Infant Feeding Log

Just as the name suggests, this Infant Feeding Log template was made to help parents on keeping record and track of their newborn’s feeding time. It may sound simple and unneeded, but you will eventually find this very helpful. By having the log of your baby feeding time around, you won’t forget when to feed […]

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House Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning your home can be quite troublesome if things are not organized properly. It is especially if you are a career woman who has to take care of both household and work. Letting one suffer because of improper organization isn’t something you should do, and for that reason this House Cleaning Schedule template is made […]

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