Mens Olympic Football 2016 Office PoolMen’s Olympic Football 2016 Sweepstake is an excel spreadsheet equipped with excel formula to reward points and rank players who involved in this Olympic Football prediction game. With this spreadsheet, you can collect prediction from all of your friends and track their earned points after each matches is completed. There are 32 matches will be held in this Olympic games, divide into 24 group matches and 8 knock out round matches. Brazil is become a favorite to win this tournament, a tournament that they never won. It is contrast with their achievement in World Cup tournament.

To use the spreadsheet is simple,

Set your prediction game regulation in setup worksheet.

  1. You must set points that can be earned by any players who predict match outcome correctly. You can differentiate points for group and knock out round matches. There are 3 point level that can be customized. You can reduce it into 2 point level by putting similar point for regulation number 2 and 3.
  2. Set bonus points that can be earned by any players if specific conditions are met. There are 6 conditions in this office pool game. You can set it to zero if you don’t want to apply this bonus point regulation
  3. Set score prediction point system for knock out round. If you set it to be based on prediction matches, all qualified teams in knock out round in each player boxes will be based on player’s prediction. If you set it to be based on real matches, then all qualified teams will be based on actual teams

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Men's Olympic Football 2016 Schedule for ExcelFootball has become parts of Olympic Games. Different from other international tournament, only players with maximum age of 23 that can participate in this tournament plus additional three senior players. This year, Olympic Games will be held in Brazil, the country that has won World Cup and Copa America but has never won Olympic Gold Medal. By playing in their own ground, chances to win a Gold medal is widely opened. Lead by Neymar Jr, Brazil should advance to knock out rounds without problems.

24 teams including Brazil will compete in this tournament, divided into four groups. And this Men’s Olympic Football 2016 schedule and scoresheet contains schedule for all 32 matches, 24 group and 8 knock out round matches. Started from 4th of August and ended at 20th of August. You can type score results in this spreadsheet. All group standings will be adjusted and knock out round teams will be placed in respective brackets automatically. [click to continue…]


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